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Customer service was HORRIBLE. Had to repeatedly email to get anything done. It took 3 months of constant harrassment to get stones back. They would repeatedly email me with all kinds of excuses as to why they weren't cutting my gems, or why they hadn't sent them.

Sent rough stones to be cut, but it did not appear that we got back

the right amount of stones compared to what we sent over.

DON'T USE them if you can find someone else!!!

If you have gems that you really value I would not send them to these guys! Find someone else.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Please can you tell us the good and honest ones in sri lanka?

Maple Valley, Washington, United States #839982

I am a regular customer of Sithy Gems and have had a consistently good experience with them.This year I sent them a large lot of Oregon Sunstones, many of them the very valuable true reds, greens and dichroics.

They all came back, carefully packaged and categorized as i requested. The cuts were excellent. The angles and meets are good and the polish is top notch. Sithy used very good judgement in determining orientation vs.


I am a faceter myself and can say that their quality is a big step above the 'usual' commercial cutting houses.

The results are best if you provide clear instructions or they will assume you want to cut for best yield.

They are communicative and responsive, and I will certainly continue doing business with them.

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